UPDATED Paleo Bread Recipe

I have TWEAKED, changed, SHIFTED, and finalized…I think…my practically paleo bread.  I have now made four batches using this recipe and each one came out FABULOUS.  YAY. Enjoy! Find the recipe here also. *These instructions are intended for a bread maker Ingredients: Almond flour (2 cups) Tapioca flour (3/4 cup) Coconut flour (3/4 cup) Sea … Continue reading

Turkey Tacos

This post is so simple, it probably doesn’t need to be shared.  However, one of my favorite dinner meals, Paleo style, are turkey tacos. They are FULL of flavor, yet so very good for you. See my recipe below. On the subject of good for you, I am so excited that my daughter and I … Continue reading

Fad, diet, or health issue?

I found a recent article outlining how movie stars are ‘trying the gluten-free diet’…and I can’t help but to think to myself…it is not a diet. Ya ya, I know…some people are using it as such..hoping to lose weight by cutting out gluten.  And truthfully, they kinda will (if done right).  But. It is not … Continue reading