Journey to a Happier, Healthier You

Healthy-Living-copyI am an avid student of health & happiness, and I want to share what works for myself and others- and love to hear what works for you.  Join me on this health & happiness journey.  Feel free to check out my main website– or join me on a special retreat.

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Choosing to be happy

We make a lot of choices or decisions throughout the day.  What to wear, what to eat, what to drink, what to spend our money on, how to respond to so-and-so….the list is ENDLESS.  There are but a few things we won’t regret choosing.  Everything else…well the results may vary.  Here are a few things you WON’T regret choosing:

1- choose to be happy.  It IS a choice.  No matter what is currently plaguing you, what happened yesterday, or this morning, or in the future.  Choose to be happy.  Allow a few moments to close your eyes.  Envision your happy place.  Breathe deep.  Embrace that feeling of joy.  Choose it.

2- choose to unplug.  Unless your kids are gone and may need  you- turn off your phone.  At the very least, shut off all social media.  Stay away from your laptop.  Instead; listen to music.  Read a book.  Paint.  Draw.  Cook.  Garden.  Choose what lifts you up and do THAT instead.

3- choose kindness over rudeness.  This is also a choice.  Someone cuts us off on the road?  Choose to believe they needed to be somewhere else in a hurry.  Someone bumps into you at the store and keeps going?  Choose to believe they are plagued by troublesome thoughts and didn’t notice.  Choose compassion, regardless of the others true intent.  Why not?  Why choose the alternative of ‘giving it to them’- all that does is bring negative energy into your life.  Smile at a stranger.  Smile at EVERYONE- even if they look at you strange. Go a step further- pay it forward to someone else.  Buy someone a cup of coffee.  Leave cookies at your neighbors doorstep.  Volunteer at a local shelter.  Watch what happens when you do THAT.

4- choose to say no.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Your to do list not getting shorter?  Say no the next time someone asks for help.  It is OK.  Don’t put in extra hours in your child’s class room.  It is more important you are engaged with them when they are home.  Look where you can delegate some of your to do list and let things go.  PS- when you don’t have time to meditate or take care of yourself is when you need it the most.

5- choose to treat yourself like a queen.  We sometimes treat strangers better than we treat ourselves.  We constantly beat ourselves up- mentally and emotionally.  Don’t do that.  Don’t think or SAY that you suck at something.  Don’t think or SAY that you can’t get anything done.  Don’t think or SAY that you are awful.  Tell yourself RIGHT NOW that you are amazing.  That you are gifted.  That you can do hard things. THAT YOU GOT THIS.

I get stuck in that tornado effect of ugliness too.  I then have to slow down and make hard choices.  Like these.  But they are choices and you will 100% of the time be glad you did.  Interested in taking life to a new level?  Check out my coaching page or join me on a retreat!

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