It’s not about me

Not about meI recently celebrated my 40th birthday at one of my favorite places- Catalina Island. It was absolutely perfect.

It was during this trip, and a lively conversation, that an important point was made about each of us (that means you too).

What works for your neighbor, or best friend, or the crazed fitness super star on Instagram may not work for you.


Read that again please. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Just because I don’t eat meat, or consume oils, or eat gluten and dairy does not mean you shouldn’t.

Just because your neighbor tried the camel tail grapefruit diet and lost 30lbs in 30 days doesn’t mean you should (how many of you are gonna google that?).

Just because you found research that debunks one belief, doesn’t mean I can’t find more that substantiates it. And that can go in a vicious cycle because (and this is important)- unless you read the ACTUAL scientific research article(s)/report(s) WORD FOR WORD, you got nothing, no matter what side you are on. Not what some Doctor, scientist, research organization or group quotes with citations. The article.

Because I can pull snippets from thousands of research articles that ‘support’ my beliefs- even from research, that if read fully, is actually completely against what I believe. It’s called marketing. And yes, even individuals who ‘have nothing to gain’ market. They are marketing their own highly esteemed ego (aka opinion).

Here’s how health works- research (using a live action process) what works for YOU. Yes, there are some obvious things that pretty much everyone agrees on (though I promise I can find research to contradict these and I am sure someone will, and then take the time to send it to me):

  • Consume minimal sugar
  • Eat real foods
  • Get approximately 6-8 hours of sleep a day
  • Exercise
  • Focus on the positive

Within each of these bullets are specific steps and processes – and that’s where it varies by person. This is when you either trial and error it, or get a coach to help.


What’s the most (like crazy most, more than anything in the world) important thing to you?

Your kids? Spouse? Work? Family?

No. None of that. It’s your health. Because without your health, you won’t be here to enjoy the other things that came to mind.

So, if health is your most, like crazy more than anything in the world, important thing to you, what are you willing to do to make sure you are here, happy & healthy to enjoy life, now?

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