6 Steps to a Healthy Life

6 Steps to a Healthy Life v2There are plenty of articles and resources on what needs to happen in order to be happy & healthy.  The hard part is figuring out what works for you (not everything works for everyone) and then sticking to the process.  Yes, it is a process to be happy & healthy.  Just like it is a process to not be.

There are not bad or good things in life, there are only bad thoughts and good thoughts about things in life.

In my humble opinion, there are 6 steps to creating a healthy life.  You may find there are more for you- and that is fabulous.  I don’t believe there are less.

  1. Think positive
    1. Start positive by listening to a guided meditation and/or praying
    2. Focus on your blessings
    3. Reframe situations
  2. Love & Relationships
    1. Embrace supportive & loving relationships (focus on the beautiful aspects of your relationships – not on the negative)
    2. Wean out unhealthy relationships (NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE)
    3. Create a power self-love affirmation list to read daily (for example; I am successful, I am beautiful, I am happy, I am healthy…etc)
  3. Gratitude
    1. Verbally give thanks daily (there is such power in this)
    2. Help others
    3. Write in your gratitude journal daily
    4. What you THANK about you BRING about
  4. Eat Clean
    1. Eat brain boosting foods (think vegetables here)
    2. Eat whole REAL food (try to reduce boxes, cans and packages)
    3. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day (think 2-3 liters of water)
    4. Cook more!  Eat less of the chemically driven restaurant foods
  5. Exercise
    1. Do what is FUN to you
    2. Pick a time that works (ideally 5-7 times a week)
    3. Mix it up & have an accountability partner
  6. Sleep
    1. Get 6-8 hours of sleep a night
    2. No distractions 1 hour before bedtime and 1 hour upon waking (no social media, tv, news, etc)

Everyone says they want to be healthy and happy- but it is those that truly DECIDE to be that will be.  That decision will lead to actions in order to transform your belief system. Once your belief system is transformed- you are unstoppable in anything you are set to accomplish including health, wealth & love.

Want -> Decide -> Actions-> Belief -> Success

Have you decided?

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