Who is your a$%hole?

April messageI love sweating.  I love eating healthy.  I love meditating.  I love mentoring others.  And then, there are days, when I need encouragement too.  Just like you.

On those days, I need someone to put a foot up my a$% and remind me of my why.

Why do I get up early on some days in order to get my sweat in.

Why I take time each week to cut up fresh foods and prep for meals.

Why I take the time to meditate daily despite the LONG list of crap that I need to get done.


Because I care.  About myself and those around me.  And when I don’t do these things, I am not my best.  When I am not my best, I can’t provide the best for those I love.

And because of this, I have an incredible circle of accountability partners that help keep me focused on my why.  When I am in a funk (yes this happens to me sometimes too) I have an accountability partner that will keep me focused.  She will let me bitch for a few, but then will demand that I change my perspective and regroup- as wallowing accomplishes NOTHING.  During those times when I have too many adult beverages, too many days in a row (yes this happens to me sometimes too), I have an accountability partner that will lovingly, but firmly remind me why this is not a good idea.

I am extremely blessed to be surrounded by people who are focused, determined and uplifting.

Recently I showed a friend of mine a text I received from one of my accountability partners that made me laugh.  My friend quickly stated, “yikes she sounds like an a$&hole” and I was immediately taken aback as I had never looked at it that way.  But you know what?  Perhaps we all need a$&holes keeping us on track.  Someone who will tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear (lovingly of course).  Someone who helps us be the best we can be.

So I ask you…who is your a$&hole?

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