Don’t have regrets

regretI recently made some big changes in life.  The first, was to sell my business to change my focus and to move my family.  I went back to school, have been obtaining and working on specific licenses and am almost finished with my professional focus change.

Moving my family was much harder than all of that.  I had been talking about it for years, but the actual point of selling, buying, moving, starting over in a new area proved to be much more stressful, sad, hard and at points debilitating than I had imagined (and by the way…it was not this hard ten years ago when I made a similar move- what the hell!?).

Through all of this I kept questioning myself; am I doing the right thing?  Is this really best for my family?  For myself?  For my marriage?

You know what?  I don’t know if it is.  But we did it.  And now I won’t spend years wondering WHAT IF.  And you know what else?  If it sucks ass, then we will move again.  Why not?

What is holding you back in life?  What do you dream about, think about and wonder about?  Do you think, as you lie on your death-bed, you will have regrets about these things?  Yes, I am going there because we have ONE life to live here on earth; are you living the life you dream about?

This month I want you to spend some time thinking about this.  Is it feasible for everyone to up and move?  No.  Is it feasible to make small changes that can lead up to it, or whatever you dream about? YES.  My husband and I started this process over four years ago.  Four years ago we put up pictures of our dream neighborhood and dream house.  YES we did.  Four years ago we started making decisions and changes in our life that would get us steps closer to where we are today.  Sometimes, we thought we would give up and scrap the whole idea.  Sometimes we ran into obstacles we thought could not be overcome (for a moment or two we even allowed ourselves to wallow in doubt).  But each day we woke up, looked at our vision boards, looked at decisions and what needed to be done and we chipped away at our dream.  By the way, we are not done.  We have new dreams and are starting to chip at those, while we live our current dream.

No matter what your dream is- you CAN achieve it.  You just have to do two things:

BELIEVE in it.

MOVE toward it.

We can help you do these things by the way.





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