Five ways to cope with stress

zenI would love to tell you that I don’t struggle with stress.  That my eating healthy, being active and mindfulness practices allow me to live a stress free life.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  I too struggle with stress.  My healthy practices however, allow me to cope, heal and not allow the stress to take over my life.  It is no secret that stress is literally a killer.  A killer of joy, of health, and of life.  Yes, you can die from stress.  Here are five things you can do to cope (and in some cases prevent) stress;

  1. Meditation.  I speak a lot about meditation and am so grateful I was introduced to it.  There is no easy way to tell naysayers who have not tried meditation except this- knock the shit off and try it.  There are several short YouTube meditation series that have a big impact.  Impact on how you feel and think.  Meditation can actually change the way you feel.  Try typing into the YouTube search, “Positive Affirmations Meditations” and pick one you connect to.  Plug in some ear buds, lay down, and give it a shot.
  2. Postpone the non essentials.  Yes you have a to do list for days.  Carpet needs repaired.  Lunches packed.  Neighbor asked for a favor.  Laundry.  Project A.  Project Z.  Drop off items.  Pick up items.  I know, I KNOW.  But here is the thing, when you are feeling extra stressed, put off what is not essential.  Delegate.  Ask for help if you can.  Tell the neighbor you would love to help, but perhaps next week would be OK..  Yes, it is OK to say no.  And if it’s not OK to say no, then let’s not be friends, OK?
  3. Be kind to yourself.  Do NOT call yourself names.  Not out loud, not in your head.  Remember my saying, “Thoughts become reality” and just by thinking or saying you are stupid, slow, fat, etc, kinda bring those things in your world.  Be kind.  Treat yourself as you would a nice new stranger.
  4. Change your environment.  Have you been holed up in your office?  In your house?  In your car?  Stop for just 90 seconds and go outside.  Even if it is raining or snowing.  Take five deep breaths.  Say out loud if you can (or in your head if your neighbor is walking the dog and wondering if you are gonna be on the news tonight), “I CAN DO THIS.  I AM ENOUGH”.
  5. Will it matter?  When I get anxious or stressed I have to stop and ask myself this wacky question, “If I were to end up in a hospital bed tomorrow, and told I have less than a year to live, will this crap matter?”  Usually the answer is no.  I only use this question when I am really in a pinch and experiencing some serious mental anguish, as I don’t generally believe in bringing a negative thought (ya, hospital beds and death are somewhat negative…just sayin’) into my world, but when I do ask myself this question, I all of a sudden have some good perspective, and it shifts my thinking quickly.

Check out my YouTube video on this topic!


Do you have things that work for you?  Please share with us!

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