Almond Banana Nibblers

I made these for the family last night- SO yummy!  I am going to continue to play with this and see what other nibbler combo’s I can come up with!


Almond Banana Nibblers

photo 4











  • Organic dark chocolate (about 1-2oz)
  • 5 ripe bananas
  • Almond butter (I like using the crunchy one) 1 tablespoon (can use peanut butter)
  • Vanilla yogurt (I use the almond milk version for dairy free)
  • Cinnamon

photo 1Directions:

  • Melt half the chocolate
  • Mash one banana, 2 oz of yogurt, the melted chocolate, the almond butter and cinnamon together
  • Slice the bananas in 1/2 inch pieces (or so)
  • Using the fill, spread onto one side of the banana and then use another side as a topper (for a sandwich look)
  • Freeze for one hour
  • Melt the remainder of the chocolate and drizzle over the tops
  • Can keep frozen or refrigerated if planning to finish within a day



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