365 days of change and stuffed apples

365 days ago today I made up my mind not to  die.

Since the birth of my fourth child, over a year and a half ago, my blood pressure has been ridiculously high.  From my sixth month of pregnancy till they induced labor due to the escalated blood pressure, it continually got worse.  Especially AFTER I gave birth (which is not normal).

At my six month postpartum, with pressure readings 170/105 still, my doctor sent me to a cardiologist (this was with me ON medication).

After several visits, several medication increases, I was told that due to my genetic history (yes my parents and grandparents suffer from heart disease and high blood pressure), that I would most likely be on medication for the rest of my life.  This was January 12th 2012.

I felt like crap and didn’t think being on medication forever was the right answer.

On January 14th 2012 I told myself there had to be more that I could do and began my research.

And yoga.

And eating RIGHT.

Six months ago I weaned myself off of my medication (I DO NOT recommend this, it was just my choice).

Almost three months ago I started crossfit along with my yoga.  Love.

Today, I have never been more fit, I eat right 95% of the time and my blood pressure is mostly normal (hey once in a while…with four kids…the reading will be slightly elevated).

When I say eat RIGHT, here is what I mean:

  • No caffeine
  • No dairy or gluten (this is for allergy reasons but it is also a SUPER healthy way to live)
  • Organic free range meats
  • Lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Limited (VERY) starches (pasta, potatoes, bread, rice, etc.)
  • I only drink water (or…wine…or vodka)
  • Limited (VERY) sugar and only in its whole form (honey, raw agave, etc.)
  • No fast foods
  • No preservatives or processed foods
  • Liquid daily vitamins, probiotics, chia seed/flaxseed supplements

So why do I call it eating RIGHT?  Cause it is right for me.  I do not claim for it to be right for everyone, though I hate seeing the obesity rate, diabetes rate and heart disease rate increase EXPONENTIALLY in America due to the tons and tons of sugar, processed foods and starches.  Is it hard?  At first.  But once you get a taste (he he) of how GREAT you feel…it is so very easy.

Now the hard part is cutting back on that damn wine.  Working on it…trying to cut it back to two to three days a week versus..oh…seven.

So today I celebrated my one year anniversary.  With dessert.


Stuffed Apples



  • Large granny smith apples (or Fuji)
  • Cup of blueberrys
  • Cup of rasberries
  • Corn starch (two tablespoons)
  • Honey (1/2 cup)
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
  • Crushed walnuts (or pecans)


  1. Core the apples
  2. In a large skillet warm up the honey and water.
  3. Add the corn starch and fruit
  4. Add the nutmeg and cinnamon
  5. Stir lightly till well covered (about five-7 minutes)
  6. Pour contents into the apples
  7. Drizzle each apple with honey and sprinkle crushed nuts
  8. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes; let cool for 5 minutes before serving

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