Get tested…OK?

So many of my friends and family members claim they just don’t feel well.  Or complain about being gassy, bloated, tired, etc. and yet when I suggest they try going gluten free…the deer in the headlights look comes about.  Why is that?  Perhaps eating and being healthy is too much work?

I don’t really know why….cause if I don’t feel good- I want that CHANGED.   And as quickly as possibly.

Going gluten-free is not the easiest…but it does get easy.  And everyone…and I mean everyone..that has truly gone gluten-free (completely, 100%), for at least sixty days, feels MUCH, much better.

So why not?

Read this very interesting article on Celiac and gluten issues.

And then do me a favor if you don’t feel well.  Get tested…OK?

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