Fad, diet, or health issue?

I found a recent article outlining how movie stars are ‘trying the gluten-free diet’…and I can’t help but to think to myself…it is not a diet.

Ya ya, I know…some people are using it as such..hoping to lose weight by cutting out gluten.  And truthfully, they kinda will (if done right).  But.

It is not a diet.

For some of us, with real health issues revolving around eating gluten, it is almost insulting to call it a fad, or promote it as the next best diet.

Not to say that I don’t get it. I do.  I see how it can be, and has been, labeled as such.

However, I can’t help but to wonder, if the author of this article, or any other ‘fad’ article, has actually done any research on why some have to eliminate gluten?

And…at the end of the day…everyone that I know that has eliminated gluten, has felt better.  Period.  That also tells me gluten is just a problem in general. Whether, like me, you have Celiac, or you have a gluten intolerance, or you are just looking to feel better- you will if you eliminate gluten.  It is not easy though.  No…it is not.

The sad thing is, for some it will be a fad.  And I mean even for those that actually feel better when they stopped eating gluten. You know why? Cause folks are lazy.

It is no different from those who work out consistently…for a while…then stop.  You know you feel better when you work out right? So why don’t you?  Yes…you can come up with a million reasons why and the number one is TIME.  But guess what folks?  If you have time to go to the bathroom…you have time to work out.  Just ten to twenty minutes a day can make all the difference.

Time is not the issue.

Laziness is.

But I digress.

I am happy…and reaping the benefits of all the gluten-free hype out there.  Means more companies are looking to produce products that I can eat.  YAY for me.

But please…before one calls it a fad, or diet…research and understand the real health issues related to gluten as well. Understand that it is not a choice for me…and a whole lot of others out there.

Now…I will be off to enjoy my gluten-free wine, thank you very much.


8 thoughts on “Fad, diet, or health issue?

  1. I really hate that it is a fad diet. I rant about this to everyone, but from my perspective, the demand for gluten-free products and gluten-free menus is not created out of an awareness for Celiac Disease (in general) but by people who are doing it to “lose weight” or whatever reason. More people have food allergies than Celiac Disease (I have both) and you don’t see aisles in grocery stores dedicated to nut-free things, nor do you see nut-free (or other allergen-free) menus. Because of this, many restaurants are completely uneducated about how serious the need is to be gluten-free if you have Celiac Disease. If they’re uneducated, they don’t know about cross-contamination, their staff doesn’t know about it, etc. And when they have people visiting their restaurants who are just doing it for a diet, which I assume is the majority, those people won’t raise any awareness whatsoever.

    Sorry to rant – it’s just frustrating to me.

    • Goodness you wrote right from my mind. The biggest issue is the lack of knowledge for sure. Have you read the book, “The Wheat Belly”? Pretty scary stuff actually. But I digress 🙂 I couldn’t agree more. It is a FAD to the big boxes and restaurants, and although I am capitalizing on it in the stores; the restaurants still make me sick quite often 😦
      So glad you found me so that I can find you!

      • I haven’t read it, but have heard about it! Do you recommend it? And yes, restaurants make me sick all too often. Very frustrating!

      • I am finishing the book now. Yes, I definitely recommend it. It is very, very enlightening. Some parts are kinda technical, but you gotta push through it (at least I do). However, I have bought like ten copies now for family members 🙂

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