Busy cooking

I have been busy in the kitchen and hadn’t had time to post!  So I decided to just share what I have been making! I think I finally came up with a crust that I love, love, love!  Here is my Berry Pie (can be a cherry pie too)! And goes wonderful with my non … Continue reading

Get tested…OK?

So many of my friends and family members claim they just don’t feel well.  Or complain about being gassy, bloated, tired, etc. and yet when I suggest they try going gluten free…the deer in the headlights look comes about.  Why is that?  Perhaps eating and being healthy is too much work? I don’t really know … Continue reading

Fad, diet, or health issue?

I found a recent article outlining how movie stars are ‘trying the gluten-free diet’…and I can’t help but to think to myself…it is not a diet. Ya ya, I know…some people are using it as such..hoping to lose weight by cutting out gluten.  And truthfully, they kinda will (if done right).  But. It is not … Continue reading

I am a Gremlin

I have tried to start this post several times. Different ways to word what I am thinking. I can’t. I cannot fully articulate, for some reason, how difficult it is to have food allergies such as gluten and lactose. It is not difficult for me.  It is difficult for everyone else….I guess thus for me … Continue reading